A Trip Back to the Land of Ooo

2 weekends ago, I had made the random decision to re-watch Adventure Time. I remember first getting into that show when it was constantly on Cartoon Network around 4 years back… Sure does bring me great memories.

Yesterday, I had the sudden urge to look through my Adventure Time-related clothing that was stashed away somewhere in my closet. Eventually I had found my Finn hat and jacket. Guess what I did next.

Yep, I slapped on a blonde wig and put on the clothes that were a little too tight for my body. I suppose you could say that I became Finn the Human for a short while. Or you could just say that I was cosplaying as him.

Cosplay, the action of dressing up as a fictional character, is a topic that has tons of controversy amongst varying types of people. Some people view it as unholy, weird, or only acceptable on Halloween, while others view it as something quite spectacular.

I think of cosplay as an art; only some people are able to do it well without being laughed at. Sometimes, however, it’s fun to search for some stuff that’s laying around the house, put it together, and get a little humor out of it.


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