Severe Disappointment… Again

Recently, one of my friends from track sent me a message including this picture, wondering if I’d be “of interest”. And of course I was of interest. Yogurtland. Sponsoring Voltron:Legendary Defender. How amazing is that?

Not so amazing, actually.

In the midst of my excitement, I made sure to go visit one of the stores a couple days ago. I was so excited, eager to see if they had any posters on the walls of the yogurt place. And guess what? They didn’t have anything that expressed their appreciation for Voltron. My mom even went so far to ask one of the workers why they weren’t showing any support. They ended up saying something along the lines of, “We’re not going to have any cups or spoons based off of the show.”

What was even the purpose of saying that you’re sponsoring it? What a letdown.


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