Resetting My Heart On Fire

Lately, I haven’t been feeling as passionate about anime like I used to. Whenever people around me talk about it, I feel kind of… bored. Disappointed. Let down, even. Until recently a certain masterpiece was broadcasted: Yuri!!! on Ice.

So how in the world did an ice skating anime eliminate my melancholy? I’m not exactly sure.

Maybe it’s because I can relate to it somehow; I’m actually able to understand how difficult it is to perfect such grace, poise, and strength (due to almost a decade’s worth of ballet and gymnastics).

Maybe it’s because of the absolutely breathtaking art, the extremely fine details, the expressions in the characters’ faces.

The animation really helps, too.

Maybe it’s because even the most serious of characters…

… can also have some lighthearted moments.

Or could it be the racial diversity?

The incredible elements of realism?

Or is it just a breath of refreshing air for me? A reminder? A sudden realization? Or the official close to my short-termed disassociation from anime?

Whatever Yuri!!! on Ice is doing to me,


8 thoughts on “Resetting My Heart On Fire

  1. The animation for this series is indeed beautiful and it’s one thing that got me hooked. I’ve been looking for a sports anime with that ‘wow’ factor and last season (and the previous) didn’t do much. Yuri on Ice added extra spice to this season’s lineup! Hopefully, the momentum wouldn’t fade!

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  2. YES! For me too, it actually brought me make to anime after a slump, and I’m super hooked. The character growth has been stellar too, it’s just been super amazing~

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