Why I Write

I write for unexplainable reasons. If they can be explained, it would be quite complicated. 

I guess I can say that I write to push my thoughts, ideas, and even theories into the hungry, judgmental world. More specifically, I write to prove people wrong. To persuade. To use the beautiful art of implementing factual evidence into my work. 

I write to argue. To turn my anger into something that I can enjoy, for others to enjoy. For people to argue with me. For people to try and prove me wrong.

I write so I can be provided with fuel that therefore provides me with the urge to write more. 

I write for feedback. Praise. Criticism. 

I write to record the kinds of thoughts my mind has to offer. It offers me dreams. Nightmares. Stories that I can bring to life by simply writing on a piece of paper. 

I write to get not just me, but others to think. To question. To admire. I strive to create things that ones can fascinate over. 

I write to improve. To feel better about myself. I want to be able to like my words. To love my words. 

I write to eventually find out that certain things can be explained. That after a while things become so clear just because of some momentary writing session. 

It’s all so clear to me now. Why I write. It helps me figure out what points I’m trying to make. I write to be temporarily pulled out of my confusion. 

But I don’t just write to argue or make up stories or help my mental state. I write to become someone else. To become another character and experience their happy times yet also their hardships. Because sometimes living a normal, average school life is boring. Maybe a lot of people are so incredibly bored all the time because they don’t express themselves enough. There’s always a simple solution to solving your boredom: just write it out. Surely something great can come out of it. 

Have absolutely no motivation or confidence? Well, allow your stagnant mind to work. Eventually that one word will spiral into more words. Then sentences. Even paragraphs. Whenever that’s achieved, I always feel great. As if finally my efforts were worth something. 

That’s why I write. I want to become inspired. I want to inspire others. I want even the most lazy, indifferent, uninfluenced delinquent to sit up from their troubles, to temporarily break away from their messed up life, to look at my work and say,



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