Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 3 Review

One word: AMAZING.

Okay, maybe a few more words. I absolutely LOVED it. Let me just tell you right now that this anime is truly different. Different in the best way possible.

I will start off with the oustanding character development. The main character Katsuki Yuuri shifts from an innocent 23 year-old that has no idea about love…

… to a grown man who realizes his true intentions behind his eros-related routine.

On the other hand, Yuri Plisetsky, a grumpy teenager that claims to know the ins and outs of sexual love…

… eventually comes to the thought that there are so many other things in the world besides his ego that are to ponder over.

Next comes the gender roles. Any stereotypical anime would just force girls to stick to girly things while boys stick to boyish things. Not in here. Yuri!!! on Ice is pushing and breaking so many boundaries.

At one point in the episode Yuuri creates a story based off of his routine. Basically it’s about a playboy who attempts to seduce the most beautiful lady in town. Eventually the woman falls for him but the playboy has already moved on.

But I’m not here to explain a story. I just want to point out how willing the creators are to give the most realistic feel possible that relates to our society today.

What a lot of people never seem to understand is that not all men have to be masculine. They don’t have to be the playboy.

Like Yuuri, they can express more feminine characteristics if they want to.

Or maybe a mixture of both.

Once again like Yuuri, nobody should ever have to hide who they truly are. I’m creating such emphasis on this subject because this world is so used to the general ideas of man and woman. It’s never really paid attention to what’s in between. And that is what makes this anime so great; it shines light upon something that the unaware don’t know much about.

One more thing that society is a bit controversial over: homosexuality. I dare you to make a list of at least 5 anime that have this in there. Yaoi (which does not represent the LGBT+ community, but only fetishizes it) doesn’t count. Can’t seem to think of that many? Exactly. Very few productions out there show what true love and attraction really is.

Love isn’t just about pathetic drama. It’s not necessarily concrete and directly noticeable. Love is about boosting each other’s self esteem,

helping figure out paths that were never explored before,

eliminating all feelings of anxiety and nervousness,

and includes some weird thoughts on the side, too.

But when you dig past those specific factors, love should always be simplified into this:



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