Born Bad

After reading this chapter in The House On Mango Street, I couldn’t help but connect this specific quote to my own writing life. 

Normally I don’t have the confidence to share my work with others. But when I do, I always get positive feedback. Several people were even willing to tell me that I should definitely become a professional. 

Yeah, sounds amazing and all… allowing writing to take over your life, to become a part of you, the words flowing within your veins and within your very heart. But to be honest, I wouldn’t feel the same if I took on writing as a job. Like the exact opposite of what Esperanza’s aunt is promoting, I wouldn’t feel free.

It’s kind of ironic. Telling someone to keep writing so they’ll will remain free. In reality, a writer will only feel true freedom when they have the choice of when to work or not. No outside influence. No peer pressure to succeed. They need to be motivated themselves.

At least that’s how I view it. Maybe everybody else just likes to be controlled by others, to have their beloved hobby ripped away from their hands, to have it returned as something with no more meaning. Something involving a ton of stress and pressure. Something that’s not enjoyable in any way.

But for me, however, I will always remain free. 


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