Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 6 Review

I knew it. I knew from the very beginning that this anime was special. These past couple of episodes have seriously been shattering barriers that society has always been a bit uncomfortable with. For example, the creators invented quite the variety of skaters. There is an incredibly flamboyant man who doesn’t give a care in the world about what people think of him.

Absolutely fabulous. But unfortunately he has made a terrible first impression. He’s touchy, I must say. A little too touchy.

Grabbing someone without their consent? No, thank you.

There also happens to be a mysterious athlete who has a dark past with his ex-girlfriend.

For some odd reason, the whole Yuri!!! on Ice fan base really hates this character. I think it might be because of his terrible makeup and his dramatically emotional routine.

Personally, I love this guy. He doesn’t need any further pain caused by the fans.

One thing that I love about this anime: there are characters from countries such as Sweden, Russia, Thailand, China, and even America. The list can go on and on. It really gives that realistic feel, something that all other shows do not.

Another thing: the genuinity in the two main characters’, Viktor and Yuuri’s, relationship, as previously introduced in these posts. Such a sincere type of love doesn’t need to be flaunted. They don’t need to go walking around kissing each other and screaming, “THIS IS MY LOVER, EVERYONE!” for people to know what’s going on between them. They don’t even have to do much for you to notice. You can just tell.

One hint that really gives it away. Yuuri, a timid young man who used to be terrified at the thought of expressing his true self, now has quite a bit of confidence in him.

From this,

to this.

Now guess how that happened.

And my mom still decides to think that they are “just friends”.

Anyways, I can officially say that Yuri!!! on Ice is a masterpiece. A masterpiece for me, at least. No anime in the world’s existence has ever left me to ponder so much on certain untouched concepts before. My passion for a Japanese-animated show has never been so great, so overwhelming. There are some nights where I lay my head on the pillow and I can’t sleep. I can’t calm down because I’m thinking about how Yuuri finally landed his quadruple Salchow. There are some times where I enter a catatonic, immovable state. If I try to talk to someone, there is a 90% chance that I will burst into a wild set of emotions. Tears cloud my eyes when I’m sitting in class. My chest feels fuzzy and my heart experiences sudden jabs of pain. It’s all thanks to Yuri!!! on Ice.

I have said it before, and I will say it again: this anime destroys boundaries. Heteronormative boundaries. Gender role boundaries. Realistic boundaries. Emotional boundaries. My emotional boundaries.


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