The Power of Deception

It’s amazing how a simple lie can overrule all sense of reality. Especially when it’s involving someone of great authority. They too, and not just the clueless, can easily be manipulated and used as a puppet to get exactly what you want; that’s what I have learned after coming across the horrific Salem Witch Trials.

Lying is a simple thing. Anyone can do it. But to do it for a prolonged amount of time and to do it without getting caught? Now that’s a little bit harder. 

It really is fascinating how a single person can pull false information out of thin air and create an entire story in which others easily believe in. Yet nowadays in the 21st century we can determine so much faster whether or not that person is spouting fake words. Back then? Not so much. 

Why is that? I don’t know, evolution or something? Maybe it’s because people were much more stupid in the 1600s (even the ones who went to Harvard or some other prestigious university). Maybe it’s because religion doesn’t rule our lives like how it did a few centuries ago.

This leads me to ask, “what specific entity has taught us technologically-and-socially-advanced human beings to detect what’s imaginary or genuine?”.

I don’t think anyone knows; however, all we can say is this: a single word contains the shocking ability send an entire population crumbling towards destruction.


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